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Monday, December 18, 2000

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Electoral college

The electors have voted. I'm sort of in favor of the electoral college. It gives some weight to voters and some weight to size of territory, like congress. Would it be fair for the thin coasts to tell 90% of the country what to do? The heavily populated coasts still outweigh the middle of the country but at least with the way the electoral college and congress are set up, mid-america isn't quite as excluded from the electoral process.

This is going to be a long, long week. I felt like I was wading through molasses all day. I was too slow getting ready this morning and almost missed the bus, and that was without taking the time to brush my teeth. Luckily I keep a toothbrush at work, but the day was like that all day. Everyone was just moving slowly through the day which is not good since we are all very, very busy. We got a lot done, it just took a lot of effort and concentration.

I finally wrapped my last package and can mail it off tomorrow. Actually this is a new years present for my daughter so I'm not too late, really, you know. New years are coming faster and faster. Every time I make goals I feel like I'm behind before I start.

I flipped the channels and ran into Camelot. I love that show. It's so hopeful. Even the sad ending is hopeful. I love it when Arthur tells the boy to to tell everyone what they tried to become. It's what we're still trying for, to rule by law instead of by might. We're still failing but we've come a long way. The music is fantastic also.

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