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Thursday, December 14, 2000

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Damn, we have a president elect. One day and already I'm hearing people say that the way for Bush to bring the country together is to work on Gore's programs. Don't be silly, Bush has his own programs, thank you. I don't agree with them all but he's still going to try to put his own programs through, not Gore's. We've had eight years of being told that to be bipartisan we need to pass Clinton's programs. Those democrats never give up.

I heard on the radio that Cheney was given the ceremonial key card. Key Card? Somehow that doesn't sound right.

We had reception at work. We all sat at tables and had cookies and punch, non alcaholic, and won some prizes in a raffle and were told Merry Christmas. I can think of much better parties. Accounts Payable, Operations even, have much better parties than FSO as a whole.

It was chilly walking to work this morning. It was actually in the 30s, well 39. It's still too hot to wear a coat. I wear a light jacket over a light fleece and that's more than enough even though I keep the jacket unbuttoned. The only thing that gets cold is my head so I wear a knit cap. If it gets really cold I can add a knitted scarf. It's much nicer as I can strip off layers as I warm up walking.

There's barely a glimmer of dawn by the time I get to work. One more week and we'll be at the shortest day of the year. From then on the days seems to get long much more rapidly than they got dark. Maybe it's psychological but once a glimmer of dawn starts showing a bit sooner while I'm walking to work, it seems to lengthen rapidly each day.

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