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Tuesday, December 12, 2000

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I know I'm not a religious conservative and I'm not a very good economic conservative, actually I'm not a very good conservative but I am a strict constructionist conservative. That's a mouthful and I guess I don't look that hotsy totsy in my barefeet and sweats but I do feel that we need to follow the constitution as closely as we can. If we don't like the constitution, we amend it, we don't discard it. It's still the best set of laws for running a country that I've seen.

What we need are not more laws but a better application of the laws we have. We don't need another set of laws to protect a group from violence but the application of the laws that we already have making it illegal to hurt, assault, kill anyone. Well, not quite anyone, we still have the death penalty, which I am against, and abortion, which I am also against. Correcting these errors does not involve putting aside the constitution, it just involves clarifying the fact that it's wrong to kill. We probably need to get rid of laws on the books rather than writing new ones. We can start with the victimless crimes.

Sure we need to pass some laws but we shouldn't rewrite the constitution or, as usually happens, decide that those founding fathers really didn't mean what they wrote. Yes they did! If we want to change the constitution then we need to amend it. Yeah it's hard, that's the point. Demagogues can't influence the process as easily. People have to really want to change for it to happen.

Slowing down the process is one reason I am in favor of a representative government. Direct democracy sounds good but is too subject to being swayed by charismatic assholes who think they know what is best for us. We are too easily influenced, unfortunately, by silver tongued devils who are in it for what they can get out of it, not for what is best for us. Laws passed by elected officials subject to special interest groups, lobbyists, voters and political parties are much more likely to be thought out. This is also why I am very uneasy about the courts making law, as they are too often doing anymore.

They had flu shots at work today and my arm hurts now. Owwww! At least we finally got them which is cool. I was wondering if I would get one this year. They moved us through fast. The needles are so small now. I remember when they looked like spears and, no, that wasn't when I was kid, it was when I was grownup. They have these dinky little needles now which are great. I hardly felt it. till now.

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