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Monday, December 11, 2000

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Counting down

We had an ornament exchange at our office staff meeting today. Usually we do more professional activities, sort of, but we do go off on tangents since most people in accounts payable have a rather warped sense of humor. As it was my turn, along with two others, to handle the staff meeting this was a nice way to go. No having to find a speaker, no having to come up with a program, no trying to bring to order a room full of women who can't stop talking.

We each brought a wrapped ornament. The first person picked a package and unwrapped it. The second could either take the ornament the first person had or unwrap a new one. If she took the ornament of the first person, the first person got to unwrap a new ornament. Basically each person either took an ornament from another person or unwrapped a new one and one turn could soon go on for a long time. Things got a bit vicious over some ornaments that were very nice. I must say I was not happy when the ornament I had, that I had taken from someone else was taken from me. How tacky! I finally ended up with a hand painted U of A ornament in blue and red.

The 1099 test tape went off the the state today and I'm holding my breath. We still have so much work to do on the 1099s and 1042s but at least we're moving, slowly. This reporting stuff is such a time waster. Since the IRS wants their money so badly, they could at least simplify the rules. Especially with the 1042s there are so many ifs, ands and buts. If there were just a simple law it would be one thing but the IRS has trouble interpreting the law, how are low paid clerical help suppose to be able to?

We are going to have another potluck next week. I am so tired of food and I know there is more to come, but I keep eating it and enjoying it.

Oh, damn, we are starting the COUNTDOWNS. Biography on A&E is counting down. Music will be counting down. Man/woman of the year will be counting down. Can't we just come to the end of the year and start a new year? Do have to wallow in the idiocies of the previous years?

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