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Saturday, December 9, 2000

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Getting together

We got together for our annual, or so, gathering of four or five of us who used to work together. It was fun to see everyone but sad also. We're all doing other things and we show each other pictures but then we leave and that's it, again. I'll do it again next year but I always feel a little depressed afterwards. It's like an adult version of show and tell but no real connection.

The country is on hold, christmas seems like it's on hold, and I felt on hold most of today. I would head off to do something and never quite got it done. I hate days like this. I like it when things just click along and I plan to do something or get something, and do. Those days are rare, I will admit, but most days I get more done than I did today.

I did finish up my christmas shopping yesterday, so that's ok. Now I need to wrap everything and get them mailed off. That's the hard part. I never have quite the right size of box. One day I'm going to buy presents based on what size boxes I have or I will never use up some of the boxes I've had for years.

I was watching a program about celebrity and/or celebrities, I'm not sure, I mainly had it on as background and they were talking about being recognized all the time. It gave me a bit of a shudder. We all want to be famous and recognized and all that, but the thought that I could never do anything without being recognized was horrible. It would be like having no privacy. The best privacy there is is to be private in public. It's nice for people to know who you are, but not all the time and not everyone.

I tell this to people and they just don't understand. Most people don't understand that there are two kinds of privacy. One kind is in your own home, though some people could use privacy there also. The other kind is being able to be in public and not be known by anyone. I love this. I enjoy watching people, people I don't know and will probably never see again, without them watching me. Oh, they may be people watching me too but that's ok, since I don't know they are watching.

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