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Friday, December 8, 2000

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Oak leaves

I walked over to the 4th Avenue Street Fair when I got off work to have an unhealthy lunch, gyros. Delicious. It was nice since the real crowds will hit Saturday and Sunday. I found several presents so it was very productive and I only bought a pair of earrings for myself. I found some little copper oak leaves. I've been noticing oak leaves the last few years. I'm not sure why, but I like the shape of them. Maples have prettier colors in the fall but I like the shape of the oak leaves.

It's strange buying christmas presents when I don't feel like it's christmas. It just doesn't seem to be a holiday season. I know it is but I don't have that holiday spirit.

I'm looking for a folding screen with a mirror on it. I've found a few with fabric but I'd like one with a mirror to reflect the outdoors inside, and to use just to check out what I look like. I'm not good at knowing what I look like in something and I really need a full length mirror.

My walls have pictures all around. I never really had pictures on my walls before. I had some posters and my kids school pictures, but I never seemed to actually have real pictures, in real frames, other places that I lived. It took my daughter framing and giving me some of her photos before I started getting stuff up and and now I have pictures, photos mainly, on all my walls. It really nice. I enjoy sitting here and looking at them all.

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