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Thursday, December 7, 2000

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Pearl Harbor

There wasn't much talk today about Pearl Harbor. It's one of those forgotten anniversaries for so many people. I wasn't born till after World War II but at least I was in school when it was a big deal and I had as teachers people who did go through WWII. One, Mr McGaffey, was an ex-marine and told us stories about the marines. We thought they were rather risque at the time but looking back they weren't anything you couldn't talk about in church.

I don't remember the Korean War and the Vietnam War was well under way before I understood there was a real war on. I didn't pay much attention to current affairs and had enough trouble just keeping up with my own life. I remember the end of the Vietnam War and the helicopters airlifting people out. Such a sad end to a sadly handled war on both sides; that's pro-war and anti-war sides, not American and Vietnam sides, though that was sad also.

I was checking out what movies were on and "The Longest Day" is but that's about the european side of WWII, not the pacific side. I'm surprised they don't have some of the many war movies about the pacific war.

We started training on the scanning software and it's so cool. I must say that the trainer did quite well in paitently handling the questions of all of us. I can't wait to see it in real life.

The sky was beautiful coming home today. The sky was a clear blue with with what looked like pink and white popcorn spilled over it. I think the popcorn clouds are so pretty. The catalinas were glowing with a pink over blue color. The sky was halfway up the sky in the east, about 3/4 full and set off by the clouds.

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