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Sunday, December 3,2000

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Tohono Chul Park

It was so beautiful today that I just wanted to walk. I walked up to the Rillito and then decided to visit Tohono Chul Park so I took the bus up to Ina. I can get in through the back way when I walk and it was before noon so I didn't even meet anyone till I was at the gift shop. This is such a nice little park. You can still hear traffic but when I sat by a small rippling creek, under a ramada, all I could hear was the birds and the water.

It was starting to get crowded as people arrived to eat and walk around so I thought I would walk down Ina to La Canada and then south to the Rillito Riverpark. It seemed to be much longer than I thought. I think it's because there were no sidewalks, so I had to walk on the shoulder and the traffic is fairly heavy. I don't know if the city owns a wide right of way or if people just build way back along La Canada but the houses are set back and often you can't even see them. It's very nice, but it still sucks for pedestrians. I enjoyed the view of the city as I came down.

It was nice to finally get on the riverpark and see some trees turning color and sit in a green park for a while and eat lunch. I get walking and don't stop to eat when I should and I could feel it. I had already walked over four miles plus what I had walked in Tohono Chul so my feet hurt. I need to buy new walking shoes. These are so shot even with new insoles.

I walked on back to the transit center and was glad to sit and wait for the bus. I was so tired when I got home plus I've had a headache all day and I had hoped walking to take it away, which sometimes it does, but not today, so I felt even more tired.

I've been just sitting here this evening watching Casablanca and Gidget. It's comforting to watch a movie you know so that you don't have to think. Casablanca has so many great lines that it's good to hear again and Gidget is so dorky that you can flip channels and not miss a thing.

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