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Friday, December 1, 2000

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Finally December

I caught a promo for Laura Schlesinger today. She was on a rant about how some guy found out that his child could check out R rated movies at their library. That must be some library system. About all the Tucson library can afford are old PBS episodes. Upstairs Downstairs is just not that racy.

It is so non-productive to keep kids ignorant of life. Why don't people teach them how to handle life instead of pretending it doesn't exist? Of course if they faced life they would have to quit believing in fairytales. I am becoming so totally irritated with people who believe in economic freedom but are so against mental and religious freedom.

I'm watching "Young Frankenstein" on tv. It's such a good movie. Wilder is one of the few people who really does slapstick well. All the rest of the actors are great also. It's so great when people can make fools of serious matters like life and death and love.

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