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Thursday, November 30, 2000

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Almost December

It's not even December yet and it's already so busy at work. We are going to be so ready for Christmas break. Between new systems and holiday helping and raising money for parties, we have way too much going on. Personally I would rather just fork over the cash for a party and avoid all the hassle but that wouldn't be good team spirit. Come on. Why can't we just pay our share and move on. Besides, when there's all this food for sale, I keep eating it.

I'm much more relaxed at home but work spills over to it which I don't like. I can usually keep them separate but I am having trouble relaxing lately. I keep thinking about work and I do not like that.

Of course, I begrudge going to work when the weather is like this. It's cool at night and 70s in the day with clear, blue skies and wonderful weather for walking. This is the best time of the year in Tucson. I also need to get up to Phoenix and do a few walks there. It gets even hotter there and I have to walk during the dead of winter to have decent weather.

You know what's making us all irritable? At this point in our lives we're suppose to be inundated with cute stories about the president elect's wife and children and interviews with all their childhood friends and discussions about what balls there are going to be at the inauguration and what the incoming first lady plans on doing to the White House. Oh, how we complained about the banality of it all and now I would welcome it with open arms. Just a little normality and boredom in our public officials. We're in limbo.

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