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Sunday, November 26, 2000

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Old Recipes

I've had a nice lazy long weekend but I'm still not ready to go back to work. I'm getting bored with work and I'm bored with where I'm living but I can't afford to change either one. I'm looking at another couple of years of not spending much money at all to catch up. Well, I have to spend money on some travel or I'd really go bonkers, but I'm trying to splurge on only small things.

Today I 'splurged' on a couple old cookbooks. I used to have several fund raising cookbooks from the 50s but they got lost in a move. I saw a couple at a used bookstore today and picked them up for only a few bucks each. The one I've looked through is "Jubilee Cook Book" put out by The Woman's Club of Minneapolis in 1957. Nearly all the casseroles have as an ingredient a can of mushroom soup. Some of them sound pretty good too. There's nothing wrong with cooking with mushroom soup, you just can't pour it over pasta and call it beef stroganoff.

There are also some salads that involve lime jello. Actually lime jello and cottage cheese is great in the summer and a good source of protein. Don't knock it. The ads have phone numbers with two letters as the first two digits, instead of numbers. Each section has quote. The bread section's quote is "The very staff of life; The comfort of the husband, the pride of the wife." Does that make you cringe?

What dates it the most is that nearly all the recipes have the name of the person that contributed it and they all are the Mrs. John Smith or Mrs. J. L. Smith format. There was only a few that are Miss, with, of course, their own name. I'm not sure if just initials means that's their own name, perhaps widowed or, god forbid, divorced. It seems so strange to go through life using your husbands name.

Ok, a recipe, involving lime jello. This was contributed by Mrs. M. Bartlett:

    Jellied Salad

    1 pkg. lime jello, dissolved in 1 cup water. Whip 1 cup cream and fold in 3/4 cup mayonnaise. 2 tbs. carrots, chopped fine, 2 tbs. of celery chopped fine, 2 tbs. green pepper chopped fine, 2 tbs. onion (or less) chopped fine, 2 cups cottage cheese. Add all the ingredients to jello after it is cool. Put in large ring mold--serve with fresh shrimp in center.
I think that sounds good. I love jello and I love cottage cheese and I always enjoyed jello salads with cottage cheese in them. What these cookbooks always remind me of are those wonderful church dinners. Why can't I be an atheist and still get to go to those great church potlucks and sing those great gospel songs. I do miss all that. Of course, I expect that the potlucks have a lot of KFC chicken and potato salad from the supermarket deli. Probably a lot of low fat too. You did catch the 1 cup of cream in just 1 pkg lime jello? You could get cholesterol just reading these cookbooks.

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