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Saturday, November 25, 2000

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Fall colors

It was a clear cool day today with dark blue skies. Some trees were finally turning and there were quite a few trees that were a cloud of gold and even a few burning red ones. I ran a few errands but mainly I walked and walked. I took the bus east on Speedway to Camino Seco and walked back to Pantano so I could look at the mountains. There aren't as many trees out there but there were some that had gorgeous color and they looked wonderful against the mountains.

After that I just came home and read some books. I couldn't get into most of them and I'm still working on several non-fiction books but I did finish "The Edge of the Crazies" by Jamie Harrison. This was a very good mystery set in Montana with Sheriff Jules Clement trying to solve mysteries. Clement had left town for many years and had received a doctorate while leading archaeological digs around the world but was finally drawn back to Blue Deer, Montana. He faced not only the continual brutality in a state that has one of the highest suicide rates in the country but his own father, a former sheriff's legacy.

The story was excellent and the characters good but it had an incredible amount of brutality and the sheriff seemed to get hit with a good share of it. I have never understood why the detective has to be beaten up on a regular basis to solve a mystery. I also never understood why everyone had to screw everyone else on a regular basis in order to show they're human. Nevertheless it was a good story and I enjoyed it and it made me think about it after I'd finished it.

I watched a couple hours of Barney Miller on television this evening. It's been such a long time since I saw that show and it's still good. You can see it's 70s overtones but it holds up well. They were an excellent group and I still like the humor.

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