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Friday, November 24, 2000

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A Shopping We Will Go,

I haven't been sleeping well the last week so I feel tired even though I've slept in the last two mornings and should have caught up with the sleep that I lost by not getting to sleep till two or three in the morning. I think it's the stress of laying there unable to sleep. My mother used to have, always had, I guess terrible sleeping problems. She and my father preferred single beds as he went to bed at nine at night and she went to bed at four in the morning. How they had six kids. . !?

She could usually get away with it since it's easier to fudge sleeping hours if you don't have an 8 to 5 job to go to. No one has 9 to 5 that I know. Well my daughter has 9 to something but that's NYC and they're different. Anyway my mother managed though I think it wore her out at times. She had migraines too and I wonder if they were related. Sometimes my head seems to be buzzing and I can't quiet it down when I'm trying to sleep. That's enough to give anyone a headache.

My mother got up when she had to. If we had something planned, she was ready to go even if she had only slept a couple of hours the night before. She made it to class when she got her master's degree in her 50s, with honors. She got up at all hours of they day or night when she had to deliver babies in Mexico or handle other medical emergencies. I can remember her diagnosing people from her bed.

I spent a quiet day yesterday. I ate food I liked and relaxed, but I felt guilty about not being with someone, as if it was bad to not spend Thanksgiving with people. It was sort of a non-day as I wasn't celebrating Thanksgiving, but it wasn't just a non-holiday either so I felt a little in limbo. It's always strange to not be celebrating when everyone else is celebrating.

I did finish a book yesterday, "It's Murder Going Home" by Marlys Millhiser. Charlie has returned to Boulder, her hometown, with her sixteen year old daughter in tow, to be with her mother after an operation. She is not happy, not only because it's interferring with her professional life and that her daughter is not happy about it, but because when she was her daughter's age she became pregnant, lost her childhood and has not wanted to come back to unhappy memories.

She gets involved with a murder involving the gravestone she conceived her daughter on, a run in with the family of her daughter's father, a cute detective she had known while growing up and occult happenings in her mother's neighborhood. It was good book and Charlie is an interesting character but I couldn't get too sympathetic toward her. She pulled back from relationships but I do this also so I'm not sure why I couldn't identify with her, or maybe I identified too much and didn't like what I saw.

Today I read "A Ghost of a Chance" by Bill Crider. This is a mystery with Sheriff Dan Rhodes of Blacklin County, Texas. Crider writes easy to read and fun mysteries but while the characters are fun they are also rather stereotypical. I enjoy reading them though and this one had jailhouse ghosts, tombstone thiefs and the murdered body of a cemetery preservationist is found in the bottom of a newly dug grave. Rhodes sifts through the strange characters and strange happenings involving meth and goats to come up with a solution. These are fun and frothy books to read.

I ventured into Toys R Us to buy a present for the child I chose from the Angel Tree at work. What a madhouse! It's been so long since I've been in a toy store at during the Christmas shopping season and the choice and people were overwhelming. I finally had to ask someone to find what I wanted as all the colors of the boxes seem so much alike. Are certain colors considered to be more alluring? Maybe if I was buying for my children or grandchildren it would have been more interesting.

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