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Saturday, November 18, 2000

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South on Dodge

I got up leisurely this morning and then decided to go on a walk. It turned out to be a long walk. I headed east on Prince enjoying a lovely, cool morning. I couldn't decide if I needed a jacket as well as a sweater, and I didn't at first but by the time I got home late in the afternoon I was glad I had it. I noticed apartments as I walked but couldn't get interested enough to stop and check any out.

Just past two miles Prince ran out and ran into the Rillito river park. It's still lacking any real upgrade and landscaping but the path is nice and runs along the south side of the wash. I passed the humane society and could hear the dogs barking. I feel so sorry for them. The poor darlings. A couple people were in the wash and a couple people passed me but it's much less used than the section west of Campbell.

I left the wash at Dodge and headed south. My first stop was Copenhagen's to check out their furniture. I love their modular stuff but it can get pricey fast. It seems inexpensive first but by the time you add little things like door and drawers and shelves, the price goes right up. It is nice that you can add to it as you go and I'm thinking of starting to build up to a nice wall storage area.

I continued south on Dodge enjoying a neighborhood that I don't pass through often, especially the part north of Grant. Many of the houses are little houses, not much more than studio size. They look so cute. My daughter lived in a little house like these near the U for several years so I know what size they are inside. There are brick houses that were built later and larger but this is not a neighborhood of big houses. There's a wide variety in the condition from junk to carefully cared for homes. Many of them have those little individual touches (some of them a little strange) that old houses in areas that don't get landscaped accumulate after several years. I really enjoy these.

Near Grant I got into more familiar territory as I used to live near here many years ago and the area hasn't changed that much. I stop to adjust my socks and take care of my feet and off I went. South of Grant it's still small homes to where Dodge ended on Speedway in the middle of auto repair shops and adult entertainment shops.

My daughter used to work at a restaurant near here and I used to worry since it's not one of the better areas, but just a couple blocks west you get into the more yuppie area. I headed that way to the nice upscale shopping center anchored by Wild Oats Market and a capucchino place with a yoga center and other places for those who don't put pink flamingos in their front yards.

I stopped at the new bookstore here which was my destination. It's very small but nice. They have lot of books that aren't on or are no longer on the NY Times best seller list. The history section is good and I picked up a book. It was filling up as they had several UA Press authors coming in for a group signing.

McDonalds, for a late lunch and complete change from the capuccino and books ambience, then I wandered in the area south of Speedway which ranges from very nice homes to pretty shabby areas. To the east, just south of the strip joints, it's not the best but as you get closer to Country Club you are getting close to the historic areas near the university and there are some very nice areas.

I didn't go nearly to Country Club but south to El Con where I had to wander through acres of construction to get into the mall. I did a little window shopping but I was tired since I had walked seven and a half miles by then. I decided to just take the bus back, stopping at a couple places, including Michaels which always takes time since there is so much stuff that is so cool. By the time I got home it was getting dark and I was tired, but it had been a good walk. It wouldn't take me nearly as long if I didn't stop to window shop, but that's half the fun.

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