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Friday, November 17, 2000

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Where's January when you need it?

Thank god it's Friday! This has just been an anxious week for me and next week, at least Monday doesn't look much better. I did win a raffle at work but outside of some cocoa and sunflower seeds the main items were two tickets to the UofA football game next Friday. I'm giving them to the person who guesses closest to the number I picked.

We decorated the Angel Tree today and it does look nice. Simple, but nice. It's a great tree. I thought it would be like the last artificial tree I had where I had to stick each branch separately into the trunk and it was a pain. This one was cool. I just opened up the base and stuck three sections together and the the branches just fell open. Damn isn't technology wonderful. Yeah, it's been a while since I had a tree.

I did a lot of walking after work as I ran some errands and the weather was cool but sunny. I love days like this. I had to keep my sweater on, but barely and didn't need my jacket. Hopefully I can get some real walking in this weekend. This weather is too good to miss. I keep waiting for it to get hot again, but we've been doing good.

Other countries are now laughing at our election procedures but I figure if we aren't shooting at each other over who is to be president we're better than most of the world. Neither of them, whichever, is going to have much fun as president. They are going to be vilified from the beginning.

I just saw a bit on TV about a new independent bookstore in town. I'll have to check it out. It's been started by some of the people from The Bookmark, which died a year ago. I certainly enjoy the big chains and they keep books more affordable for everyone, but, they do have a rather uninspiring selection a lot of the time.

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