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Thursday, November 16, 2000

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Coordinating anxiety

I don't believe I mentioned the outcome of our bomb scare on Tuesday. Well, someone at our computer center told someone in our area that the UPS exploded. With our knowledge it was assumed that this was United Parcel Service and since they deliver packages it had to be a mail bomb. Simple deduction, yes, and we were all worried about another rash of mail bombs hitting the university again. What with animal research, all other kinds of research and just idiots who think anyone who works for the government is fair game and totally corrupt, universities get their share of scares.

On Wednesday we found that a UPS did explode, an uninterruptible power supply. This is fed by Tucson Electric and then it feeds electricity to the computers and makes sure that if the electricity is interrupted the computers won't be. Well the uninterruptible power supply was interrupted and exploded and all our computers went down. It's a relief that it wasn't a bomb and almost all our systems are up but we do feel just a bit foolish.

I'm in charge of coordinating our holiday caring effort this year at work. We're going to have an Angel Tree and buy presents for kiddies. It really is nice but I just hate being sort of in charge. This sort of thing always makes me depressed and I feel like crying, and I have cried some. Combined with the holiday cheer coming up, which depresses me even more, I've been a bit down the last couple days. I've always found christmas to be terribly depressing. I guess I never had your classic family christmas and always so very much wanted it, especially when I was a kid and didn't get to spend most christmases with my parents.

I don't handle responsibility well. I find it totally apalling but at the same time, I enjoy doing things the way I like doing things but this isn't always taken well by everyone, though I do try to reign it in. Delegating is not my strong point and waiting for other people to do things is not what I'm good at. I prefer other people to be in charge and then I can do what I need to do and not pay attention to what else needs to be done, and other people can coordinate it all.

I went to the dentist again. Every three or four months and they always say it's looking good but. . . there this one area . . . yeah! . . ouch. I wish I knew if they are just screwing me or my gums are really that bad. Every time it's $55.00 and that's with insurance.

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