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Wednesday, November 15, 2000

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Decorating anxiety

I feel anxious about recovering my chairs. I'm worried I won't do it right and it'll just look schlocky. I can figure out a computer program with little anxiety. I can take a bus by myself to a city I've never been in with little anxiety. I am a nervous wreck when I redecorate and I tend to stop half way through, convinced it'll never look right, and, you know, it never does because I stop halfway through.

I already like the few things I've done so far but now I'm going to have to sew. That's right, sew. I'm anxious about just getting the sewing machine threaded and running. If I actually used it more than once every year or two I would know it would work, but, oh no, I hardly ever use it and then don't use it for even longer because I'm afraid it's not going to work.

Break - - -

Ok, I got off my butt and checked out the machine. It was filthy. It was my father's and he evidently squirted oil on everything. It worked very smoothly but the white thread turned grey as it went through the bobbin action. I took it apart and cleaned it as best as I could. I still had to sew a little to finish cleaning. I also must have put something in backwards because it caught terribly. I adjusted till it worked right and now it's good. Wow! It does zigzag too.

I borrowed it to sew up a couple things but they were dark and I never noticed the thread was getting grimy. Ooh, that's disgusting. I had oily thread in my clothes. Ooooh! Well, I'm glad Dad said to keep it. It does sew nice and even does zigzag. How fun! I'll just have to get used to it. I haven't felt comfortable with a sewing machine since I lost my old Kenmore that I got in 1964 when I graduated from highschool. I lugged that hefty bit of metal around for years till it disappeared in one of our moves. I liked that machine. It was solid and I knew what it could do.

Now that I feel so righteous, I'm going to do dishes and then work on my May trip again. I am determined to get those pictures on line so that I can work on my October trip and then get all the other pictures that I'm working on.

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