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Tuesday, November 14, 2000

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Our computers went down this afternoon and we all groaned. The first news was that there was a fire because CCIT was evacuated. Later the news came that a bomb was in a UPS package. I hope bombing isn't coming back. I don't understand how someone can send a bomb through the mail knowing that anyone could open it, often an innocent person, not that the person they meant it for is guilty, just someone who doesn't kiss their ass. Bombs are such a cowardly way to fight.

I am so sick of the vote counting yet I keep watching.

I just saw on the news that some put strips of nails out in an area of the desert where people walk and take their dogs. How sad. They were nails on a board or cardboard and then covered with dirt so you couldn't see them that well. How hateful! I walk in desert areas and don't always pay attention to every step I take. Kids play in the area and they certainly don't watch where they are going.

I spent most of the evening scanning in pictures from my trip to California in June. I am so far behind in my scanning. It's fun seeing the pictures again. They bring back the whole trip again. I enjoy traveling so much and that was a very good trip. Well, they're all good trips, in their own way. They all have special things I remember.

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