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Friday, November 10, 2000

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Traveling cat

I took Darkcloud back for a checkup today and she seemed to be more blase about the trip. She didn't meow all the way like she did the last couple times. She still looks frostily at the people on the bus who keep going "Oh, what a cute kitty!" Her mouth has healed nicely and looks good. Everyone at the vet's office kept telling me what a great cat carrier I have. It's a very old heavy cardboard one with a curved plexiglass top.

I have mosquito bites on my ankles and they itch so bad. I even killed a couple mosquitos in my apartment this evening. This cool, wet weather we've been having is just breeding them like crazy. It's at times like this that I know why I don't want to live in the east or the midwest.

When I left work shortly before noon it was cloudy and cool and I ended up walking about three miles and didn't even get too hot. It was such a joy to walk in that kind of weather. I kept expecting it to rain but it never did. We are suppose to get some rain this weekend but it's worth it to have temperatures like this. I felt like I could have walked all afternoon except that I had to pickup cat and take her to the vet.

It was quiet at work this morning since everyone else has today off for Veterans Day. We get Monday off instead since this is Homecoming Weekend and they wanted everything shipshape and all that. That's ok. Everyone else will be at work on Monday so it will be a great day to get things done as every place will be open.

I walked across campus to catch the 15 bus and everyone was busy setting up pavillions and tents and chairs and whatever. I guess homecoming is something that keeps on going. It never involved all the students, usually the more popular and the wannabe populars but it's fun to enjoy the hustle and bustle of all the preparations. The U of A is lucky in having nice weather for all this since many schools celebrate while freezing their toes off. Some years the students here are even wearing shorts.

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