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Thursday, November 9, 2000

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Politics and activism

Irritating as it is this election screw up is it might be a good thing. We are using such old, error prone equipment that no election is truly right. There are always problems. I understand they threw away 50,000 ballots in another election in Florida because they were messed up. With as much money coming in in taxes due to our booming economy, I think we can afford decent voting equipment.

I need some mirrors on my walls, not to see myself but to see outside since I can't see outside from where I sit and it depresses me to not be able to see the outdoors but I like to sit where I do, so I need a mirror so I can see the outside.

Damn I got a mailing from Amnesty today. I hate getting their mailings because they always talk about tortures and rapes that just make me cringe but I always read them because I feel that if we ignore them we kill something in us. When we don't pay attention we condone what they do and we can't just give money and make up for it. I am a member and do write letters but I cringe every time I read about atrocities and torture. I cannot imagine how people can do that to other people.

Our own little activists chained themselves to the doors of the admin building today and no one could get in or out. That lasted all morning and finally the fire marshal evacuated the building. This was the Students Against Sweatshops, who have their hearts in the right place, but President Likins is working with them. He's just not do everything just the way they want.

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