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Wednesday, November 8, 2000

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Still counting!

This was a busy, busy day at work. I spent too much time in meetings and will again tomorrow. I always feel flustered when the day is cut up like this but I also enjoy it because I don't get bored. I do believe things are going to stay busy at work.

Even being busy didn't keep me totally away from the news of the election which I am very tired of. I put up with campaigning for twenty four months but on the day after election I expect to have results and hear more about what else is going on in the world. I am so tired of this election. It doesn't help that the tightest and the cliff hanger is Florida which is where another Bush is governor. I certainly don't believe that Jeb B tried to rig the election. If you're going to rig an election you do better than just a few thousand. Come on! But it does give people something to bitch about.

Cat is sitting at my feet, looking up soulfully since I won't give her more canned food. I have her down to half a can in the morning and then she can go back to dry food. She is not happy. She got real spoiled with all that yummy, soft food I've been giving her.

I took the bus up to Walmart after work and then walked back to the supermarket and then home since I managed to miss the buses. It was beautiful walking through the dusk. It's cold and clear and the Tucson Mountains were a sharp dark blue edge against the rose that edged them before it blended into a dark blue sky. I love that time of day. I walked fast and stayed warm and felt downright energized when I got home. I think I'll start walking to work again. I haven't done it this week since I was sick and last week I was lugging stuff back and forth for Halloween.

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