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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

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Election day

I went to work but my stomach ached all day. I was not a happy camper but I did make it through the day. A couple other people left work because they felt sick and a couple didn't even come. Flu season cometh! And they cancelled our flu shots because of the flu vaccine shortage. Oh, well, I feel pretty good except for my stomach hurting and I'll just be good to myself for a few days.

I voted for Bush, not that it makes a lot of difference in Arizona as the republican candidate always takes it. For the rest I voted republican, democrat and even a few libertarians and greens. I even voted to keep all the judges. Usually I throw them all out or every other one or something. We had so many propositions. This proposition thing is really getting out of hand. An ordinary person has to take the word of people who can understand all that legal language to know what they are really for and then you never know what the long term effects will be.

At least there is going to be a bit of suspense in the returns. It'll give me something to watch during the commercials. That's assuming I stay up long enough to watch it. There seems to be a lot of interest. There are long lines at all the voting places. I was amazed to see how many had to be looked up on the inactive list. I always make sure I can vote. It's not something that you wait till you get to the voting place to find out if you're registered or at the right place.

You know, I figured that if I didn't spend $100.00 more a month on a new apartment, not even counting what it would cost to move, I could pay for ten taxi rides each month. Or I could only pay for five taxi rides a month and have $600.00 more a year to travel with. Could I do something with this place to make it nicer? Probably. Do I want to? I love moving, I just don't want to spend the money.

If I stayed here I would need to do something about storage and I'm not sure what. I could get rid of a lot of stuff, but do I want to? I get rid of stuff and then need it. On the Global Nomads website that I found yesterday one of the articles said "When I'm not moving physically, I'm moving my furniture around." Does that sound familiar?

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