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Sunday, November 5, 2000

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Apartment hunting again

I went over to check out another apartment today. This was on Broadway and the Pantano wash. How convenient since I enjoy walking along the washes. It's also in a good location to bike out to Old Spanish Trail to Saguaro National Park. There are also some apartments on Old Spanish Trail that sound good. They aren't far from the bus line but they are pretty far from downtown in case I wanted to do something there in the evening on Saturday. Still the Broadway bus is one of the best. This is not hard work. I even check out apartments when I'm not planning on moving. I love to see how other people live.

On the way back I stopped at Park Place again and found their great bathrooms. They have a wide hallway with not only drinking fountains but lockers. How great! I've always wanted a locker to leave stuff in while I'm shopping. Then they have the men's room, which I have no idea what it's like, but the women's room has a large area for the sinks and lots of sinks with both paper towels and air dryers. Yes, I really prefer paper towels. The best part is the stalls have a little baby seat you can strap your baby in (and it works great for backpacks) and three, count them, three steel hooks on the wall to hang stuff on, and the stalls are larger than normal so you have room for yourself and all your junk.

Next door is the family bathroom which is a large room for a whole family to go in and a little lounge outside for them. This is such a great idea for families that are shopping. Damn I wish they had this when my kids were small. Just being able to keep an eye on them while you use the bathroom without having to crowd into an itty bitty stall is great. All this is brand new and I hope they keep it clean since it's so great. Ok, so I judge places by their public bathrooms. I see no reason for dirty, trashy bathrooms. The stores are making more than enough money to provide decent bathroom facilities.

I spent most of the evening working on my budget to see how much I can really spare for a better apartment and still get everything I owe paid off before I have to retire. It's not really that bad but I want everything to be paid off as soon as I can but still have a decent place to live. Now I'm depressed again! No it's not that bad. I'm in reasonable shape but I can't save any money until I pay everything off and I can't seem to get what I owe down that much.

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