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Friday, November 3, 2000

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I was a little late getting away today so I only walked to Glenn where I waited for the bus. I put on my knit cap as my forehead is getting cold now when I walk to work, which I love. I don't have to take a change of clothes now. I sat waiting for the bus while watching a wonderful sunrise. Not only do I like rain but it does make for great sunrises and sunsets.

It was a very busy day at work and it looks like the next couple weeks will be even worse since we're getting the scanning system in. At least LW will be back and I won't be doing so much processing. She is so much better and faster than I am.

JS took me out to lunch for my birthday and three of us had a nice lunch. We went to No Anchovies which has the best pizzas, and the strangest. I had a potato and cheese pizza. It was very good and filling. It's in an old house that's been renovated and has had three different names in three years. It's always busy so I don't know what the problem is.

I was so glad to see five o'clock. It was getting cold and I almost needed a heavier jacket while I waited for the bus. A guy with a wheelchair was loaded with us. The driver's are so much better at working the lift than they used to be. A lady behind me has baby who is fussy and cries as she tries to soothe it. We're all glad to be going home. The sky was nice to look at. It wasn't a spectacular sunset but one with popcorn clouds that had bits and pieces of pink woven through it, all set against the blue sky.

It's suppose to rain again tomorrow and I'm going to enjoy snuggling under a comforter tonight. I was too tired to fix a decent meal and ate junk for supper. When I need a good, balanced meal is when it's just too much trouble. It's at times like this I should just have a tv dinner which would be better than fritos and hotdogs.

Sometimes I think I would be better off both nutritionally and financially to just pick up tv dinners as long as I look for a reasonable amount of fat and calories, which is easier to do now, even with the cheaper brands. I spend so much money on food that I plan to cook with and never do.I do eat a fair amount of salads and carrot sticks but I eat too much other stuff. If I have a tv dinner I feel like I've had a real meal and aren't as likely to snack as when I snack for supper and never stop.

I was yawning at the bus stop and am still yawning. I probably can't even put this journal up as globe seems to be slowed to a crawl for some reason. I think I'll just pop it up tomorrow and just go to bed now.

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