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Thursday, November 2, 2000

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My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! Happy yesterday Birthday to Lisa! I feel pretty good today. I was still exhausted yesterday which threw me into depression. I'm ok now though. I got a good night sleep last night and things just look better.

54 is not a very interesting birthday and I'm not sure how to feel about it. Next year I start getting a few discounts. Right now the only thing I get is the right to join AARP but they hand that out to everyone at 50 like we're going to feel privileged at the idea of being old at 50. 55 is bad enough and no one should really mention it till 60. It's not like the discounts help me much since most of them are for much more expensive hotels and restaurants than I eat at. They don't give discounts for hostels! Can you imagine?

I didn't really do anything today but I'm going to go out for a nice meal this weekend and buy myself a present. I'll be ok. I've already been given the senior discount a couple times and figure that if I get a few benefits early, that's ok. Usually I just get the senior bus rate when I'm traveling, as I have a bus pass for Tucson, or a bit off at a fast food place. Why not?

I got great cards from my kids that I enjoyed and later this month we'll celebrate at work. There's only one other lady who has a November birthday and we have decided on banana creme pie. Yummy!

I finally figured out how to pay my phone bill online so I have most of my bills being paid online. It's so much easier and I don't forget to mail the check. You can also wait till the last minute and still not be late. Love it. There are still a few that I have to write checks for but they are fewer and fewer. You lose the float of a check but that's not as much as it used to be anyway.

I'm just rambling. I guess I'm still a little tired and I'm still trying to catch up with two jobs at work so that's a bit stressful. I think I'll go to bed soon as I have to work eight hours tomorrow again instead of my usual four on Fridays. I'm glad my coworker will be back Monday.

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