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Sunday, October 29, 2000

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Flowing water and herbs

I was a beautiful day today. I went on a long ride along the Rillito and enjoyed seeing gently flowing water sparkling in the sun. This is not a common sight in Tucson. I kept my jacket on most of the ride since it was just cool enough and felt great. My bike is making a little funny noise that I haven't figured out yet but I enjoyed riding anyway. I could hear an ice cream truck across the river that just makes it seem even nicer.

On the way back I picked up some cheesecloth at Home Depot to make my herb bags out of. I enjoy wandering through home improvement places like this. There is so much stuff that I would never use but I'm always amazed at how busy it is and what people are buying. They finally have a bike rack but it's a pathetic one. It's the type that you can only lock your front tire to which is worthless. I pulled it out so I could run my bike behind and get it locked to the frame. You would think a hardware type place would know that the rack they have is worthless.

I also stopped by the bookstore and wrote down a couple of books that looked interesting. I requested one from the library and suggested that the library get the other one. I love being able to suggest books to the library through their online service. Then it was on to Target to try and find some bats. I'm afraid the major stores have a lousy selection of decorations. They push the automated, expensive junk and don't have the little things that help people be a little creative.

On the way home I wandered around an empty lot and pulled some weeds to make herb bags with. I also managed to get some stickers in my fingers and I cut myself. Yes. This herb stuff is much harder than it looks. It would have been better if I had scissors. I went home and made my herb bags, not bad, and flicked some coffee on them so they'll look old and nasty. I then soaked the rest of the cheesecloth in some old coffee so they would look old and nasty. Cold coffee's good for something.

My father called and I finally got his phone number. I've been worried about him since I'd had a couple messages but no phone number to call him back at. He sounded fine but upset over a few problems. He's having problem getting his insurance cards and he feels a little alone since this is a new place with new people. He did get his Texas driver's license and he doesn't have to renew for ten years. That's scary since he wasn't sure if he could pass the eye exam and he's in his 80s already. It was good to hear from him. I'd called information a couple times to see if they had a number for him but no dice.

I then returned my daughter's call and had an enjoyable chat with her. Both she and I have our birthdays this week and it's nice to exchange greetings and just tell her I love her. I also wanted to run by a timetable for next spring as she's got some trips she's planning and I want to go east in time to see the cherry trees bloom in DC. This has always been something I want to do and I wanted to let her know the tentative dates.

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