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Sunday, October 22, 2000

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Rain day

The rain was pouring when I woke up a little after six this morning. It sounded so good and the air outside was cold. Not just cool, but curl up toes cold. I stepped out on the dry concrete and my feet shivered. You couldn't see the mountains for the clouds. I was so nice to sit in my clean (sort of) apartment and have a cup of coffee while watching the rain. It continued to rain all morning and off and on during the afternoon.

I watched the morning talk shows and listed to O'Reilly on Fox. He is so conservative and I often agree with him on economic issues but he is such an ass when it comes to lifestyles. Conservatives are so big on economic freedom but just suck when it comes to social freedom. The liberals are the opposite as they talk big when they talk about social freedom but then want to control our economic life.

The political soundbites are so predictable and mean absolutely nothing anymore. After a flipping back to the political talk shows I finally settled on the food channel, with short looks at the home and garden channel. People don't talk about food because they're shallow but because they get so tired of more "serious" talk, though, to be honest, there is little that is more serious than food.

I just couldn't stand it so I bundled up and went out for a walk in the rain. I stayed reasonably dry in my little poncho but my legs from the knees down got wet and cold. I walked up to the Rillito and along it for a little ways taking pictures as I went. You could see the clear water pouring in from the storm drains and running along the edges till it mixed with the thick brown water coming down the Rillito. From the looks of the Catalinas some of the water is coming from the mountains.

When I stood still and didn't have the rustle of plastic I could just hear the rain in a soft patter. It was so soothing. If my legs weren't getting cold I would have stood out there for hours. I was close to the Tohono O'Odham transit station so I caught the bus to the bakery to pick up some breat and dry off a little. I also dried off my camera. It's hard to keep it dry when it's raining and, even though it is suppose to be waterproof, I don't like it to stay wet too long. When I got home I turned it on and let it sit for a while to be sure it was dry.

The bakery was not very busy, which was a surprise since Sunday mornings they are usually jammed. I guess most people just wanted to sit comfy at home. I got my bread and made it back to the bus stop to catch the next bus since I wanted to stay comfy at home also. Once home I made some pot roast and vegetable soup since it just seemed right in this weather and I could have it with the good bread.

I also read a couple mysteries today. The first one was "A Little Death" by Laura Wilson. This was a strange one. I kept putting in down not liking it that much, but then picking it up again because I wanted to know where it was going. It's told by three people, a brother and sister, Georgina and Edmund, and their housekeeper, Ada. They take turns telling the story from the time they were children till they were shot to death in old age. It is a very sad story of the results of a dysfunctional family. I found it compelling but sad.

The second book was "Nasty Breaks" by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins. This one featured Lee Ofsted, a full time, but low income, golf pro who supplements her tournament income with a week teaching at a company team building effort. This book has Lee showing more flair for solving murders than winning tournaments and even I, who could care less about golf, enjoyed the story. While the golf is the background and reason for being for the story you don't have to be knowledgeable to understand and enjoy this book.

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