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Saturday, October 21, 2000

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Throwing away

I have been cleaning, sorting, laundry, throwing things away and organizing things that I'm keeping. I feel so virtuous and the apartment is looking better also. What started it was that I wanted to store some stuff and clean up the front room but there was no room in my closet. I could barely fit in there.

It hurts to throw things away but I just don't need this stuff. I keep stuff I've never needed or haven't needed in years. I always feel lighter when I get rid of stuff I don't use anymore but it's hard to do. I finally got rid of the stuff for some of the projects I started and know I'll never finish. I just so want to artsy crafty but none of the stuff I do looks like it's suppose to and then I give up and go read a book.

I also am getting rid of piles of magazines. These are all the ones that I plan to read again or may need for research, but I never do. Now that most magazines are microfiche at the library it's really silly to keep magazines for 10 years in case I might need an article. Actually if I needed an article I wouldn't remember which magazine or which month it was in. Besides, with the internet I can probably find much more current info just by doing a search.

I did go up to the mall for a couple hours and found most of my halloween costume and, the great part is that they are all things that I can wear in more normal circumstances and items that I needed, a nice basic black long skirt and top.

We got some rain this morning and the temps are nice.

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