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Thursday, October 19, 2000

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Cat teeth

What a day! It started when I had to get Darkcloud to the vet by 7:30. Of course the buses don't fit schedules so I left the house at 6:45 in the morning and barely caught the first bus. Everyone oohed and coohed over DC and she just whined and mewed. She does not have good memories of any kind of travel. Usually it means going to a new place to live and she doesn't even like me moving around furniture, much less apartments.

After two buses, with a wait of 15 minutes inbetween, we got to the vet 15 minutes early and sat on the porch till the doors unlocked. There was another lady waiting with her dog but at least she had a car to sit in. I saw DC disappear into the back and gulped at what it was going to cost and got to work over an hour late.

The other person who does what I do was at a seminar today and everyone wanted to talk with her. It seemed like I did nothing but answer the phone except for an hour and a half when I was helping with training, then I got to call back all the people who called while I was gone. I also had several check requests to get in that needed checks by tomorrow, so I was rushing on them and, sure enough, had to delete an entry, which is pain with our software.

Then the vet office called that DCs problems were worse than they thought and they would have to actually reconstruct bits of her jaw and the total would be over $900.00. I gulped and said ok. A good chunk of that, $300.00, was for the anesthesia and painkillers and then $80.00 each to remove the roots of teeth and there were four that had broken off plus other stuff and such. Basically she has no more canines and even some of her molars were removed. They said this isn't that uncommon in cats, people just don't realize it. She also had a heart rate of 200 and they took blood to do thyroid tests. She's always had a fast heartbeat when she's upset, but we'll see.

By the afternoon we were getting rain off and on and then it just stayed on. By the time I left work at 5:00 it was a steady rain. It was so warm this morning, even with clouds, that everyone figured it would just get hot and people were not happy. Luckily I had my cheap little poncho and stayed fairly dry. When I got off to get DC it was 5:30 and I wasn't suppose to pick her up till 6:00. I went over to the supermarket to use the bathroom and get out of the rain.

At six I finally was at the vet's to pick her up. The vet showed me what they had done and was very good at explaining it all. She said once Darkcloud heal's she should feel much better and would be able to eat better than ever. Basically she's been trying to eat around soft pup with nerves running through it. She would flinch if you tried to touch it. DC had a good dose of painkiller and was a little zonky and still is.

This was just as well since we had to take the bus home. I called for a taxi since it was so wet outside but there was an hour wait, so we went outside to wait for the bus. The bus stop was in front of the vets but this is one of those nasty streets that has lots of water running down the side and I kept trying to reach a happy medium between getting soaked from the cars and being so far back I couldn't see the bus. Luckily I had a second little poncho that I could put over DC's carrier to not only keep her dry but to shield her from the wind. It wasn't cold out of the wind but I didn't want her to get chilled.

We caught the first in ten minutes but had to wait fifteen for the second one and it had no shelter either. By the time we got home, a little before 7:00, I was so wet and tired. I took DC out of the carrier and put some food out for her but she's just been wandering around like she was lost, poor thing. I'm worn out and just sitting here watching tv. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and I only have to work half a day.

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