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Wednesday, October 18, 2000

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Bug bites

I finally gave up on trying to give my cat her antibiotics and put it in a little food this morning. When I got back this afternoon it was all gone so I guess it's ok. I put some more in a little food tonight and she ate about half of it. She never eats all her food at once so I think she'll finish it. The vet office said that the danger of putting it in cat food is that they taste there food and don't bolt it down like dogs. I think my cat's willing to eat most anything so it's better that spilling half of it down her neck.

The office is slowly starting to look like Halloween. We do have fun with it. Today was a good day to decorate since our financial system went down this morning and we ran out of things to do. It's just pathetic how dependent we are on computers, but I can remember when we didn't have them and that was worse. We drowned in paper, now we just produce paper, but at least we don't have to shuffle through it all.

I've been getting bug bites on my legs. There were just a couple bites on my ankles a few days ago and this morning I have some bites on my shins. That's not a lot but I am so unused to being bitten that it's driving me crazy. Ahhhh! There's one on my elbow also.

It's only the third week of October and there is already practically nothing I want to watch on tv. This season so sucks. I haven't seen an debut episode that I liked. They all seem to be trying too hard. All sitcoms start trying to hard after they've gone through the basic plots but the ones this year are starting there. I've switched over to rugrats because I like them. They are cool! Tommy has more sense than most grounups. The problem is that I've seen all the episodes several times.

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