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Thursday, October 12, 2000

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Walking weather

We had a little rain today but not much. The sun is starting to peak out and we're suppose to be up in the 80s this weekend. That's still very good. Love it. I'm thinking of going to Sabino Canyon or Saguaro National Park for a little hiking this weekend. It would be nice to get out a stretch my legs. Both have volkswalks also. How cool! There is a scheduled volkswalk in Sahuarita but I don't have a way to get there without renting a car.

There is a volkswalk at Coronado National Park in November that I want to go to as I've never been on that one and it's a national heritage walk so I get to stamp my national heritage book. There are also several other walks in southeast Arizona I could go on. That would be a very hard but fun weekend.

I need to look for a costume for halloween tomorrow. I need a black skirt and something to use as a waistcoat. The apron is easy and I need a long black skirt anyway so that'll work out fine if I can just find something. I figure I can pin a hat together. Then I need red tights and a red garter to wear underneath.

I've spent the last couple of hours editing a picture. I was deleting some text and trying to fill in the void that was left. It's always harder than it seems since it's not just one color but dozens in all sorts of combinations and fading into each other. You can't just fill the area with one color or copy and paste since it's always just a little off.

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