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Wednesday, October 11, 2000

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Winter rains

It's been raining steadily all day, not a heavy rain, like the monsoons, but just a steady soft rain. It's almost a mist sometimes but it hasn't really stopped much all day and already some of the drive through washes are too high to get through and there are lots of accidents. If it keeps coming we'll have nice flowers in the spring.

I woke up to rain but by the time I was ready to go it had stopped. I decided to walk since it was so fresh outside. Not more than two blocks away it started raining and never stopped. It wasn't hard so while I was damp, even with my umbrella, it was nice walking in it. My feet got wet but I had a change of socks to put on when I got to work. I knew when I started that there would be some large puddles so I decided to play it safe.

After work I took the bus past where I live to the transit center so I could see how high the Rillito is. I've seen it higher but it was flowing good. It looks funny to see so much water with the bushes and trees sticking out of it. It was getting cool by the time I got home and felt good to get inside where it was dry.

I made an appointment to have dental work done on my cat next week and they want me to give her antibiotics for a few days before and a few days afterwards. I have never had to give her medicine and I don't think she's going to be too thrilled by the whole idea. I will probably be covered with scratches for the next week.

I'm watching some lady build a yurt in New Mexico because everytime I hit a network station the debate is on and I don't handle presidential debates that well. They get on my nerves. It's a cool yurt in the middle of the desert, twenty miles out on a dirt road. Even her outhouse has a large window since there's no neighbors around and she can sit and look at the mountains as she sits. Beats reading a magazine.

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