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Sunday, October 8, 2000

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Down to the 70s

I went out to run a few errands this morning and found the weather to be delightfully cool. It looks like the high 70s is all it got up to today. So nice! I seemed to pedal easier without the heat.

I went by to pick up my prescription and found they wouldn't renew it without checking with my doctor but my doctor hadn't called them back on Friday. Well, it seems they were calling my old doctor who isn't even in the US right now and hasn't been for over a year. Oh, duh! They got a renewal in the spring and I don't know from who, but I had given them my new doctor and her phone number. I don't know why it was only renewed for six months either since it usually is for a year and that in the spring. This makes me worry about how accurate my prescription is.

I spent most of the day leisuryly doing some cleaning and laundry between reading and web surfing. With the cool weather I had the door open quite a bit of the time though when I get cleaning heavy I do turn on the air since it's more comfortable.

I'm watching a program on the Travel channel about all the illegal aliens who die trying to come across the desert, mostly in Arizona. At least there won't be so many dying for the next few months, but they still keep trying. It is so sad. They just don't realize what a desert's like. Anyone who even drives in the desert without five to ten gallons of water is stupid and that's driving on roads. People who try cross country are going to need so much more.

I can remember when I really enjoyed following the presidential elections but it is such a nothing this year. I have a total lack of enthusiasm for any of the candidates. I can't even get very excited about the issues. They have the same issues as always and so little changes. The only reason I'm voting is because I do feel that everyone should and they are going to let me vote by mail. That's the way to go. The polls are not setup for people who work and don't have a car.

Right now I'm leaning toward Bush, but it's close. I read an editorial that only stupid people haven't made up their minds because the candidates aren't that close together. That's not true. I'm having trouble because the issues I feel that are important don't fit one candidate. The things I want in a candidate don't fall exclusively along either conservative or liberal lines.

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