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Wednesday, October 4, 2000

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Cooler mornings

It's nice walking in the morning as it's getting cooler each day. I'm still not to the point of needing long sleeves but at least I'm not sopping wet when by the time I get to work The sun is shining through some clouds with the rays that always make me think of a bad religious painting, but in real life it's beautiful. Evidently some areas of town had rain and we may get more today which is great. It's the fall rains that make great flower displays in the spring. It would be nice to have great flowers.

Work is in an upheaval with several people moving around. More and more big binders are appearing to be sent to surplus. All our manuals were in them but are now online and everytime you go to a seminar you get another one, never to be looked at again. It was quite a shock, even though they had been told for a couple of years that this was on the way, for most of the university when they no longer got paper updates for the university policies.

What I find hard to understand is that often it's the departments that you would think would be the most up to date technologically that fight and scream the most when something gets computerized. It just kills them to not be able to hold that piece of paper in their hand. Our moving around is to get us in shape for scanning all our invoices in. We are all bracing ourselves for the cries that will arise from the departments.

The presidential debates are such a joke. No one watches them except people who have to, such as students for whom this is a class project. I don't watch them and I don't know anyone who does. I certainly don't know anyone who's opinion has been swayed by a presidential debate. I get all my info about the debates from the discussions by talking heads afterwards. Maybe I just don't know anyone who's made a voting decision based on the debates. I do get tired of the ultra hype they are given and by the debate as to the condition of the debates. It always sounds like a couple of kids arguing about who's the most fair.

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