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Sunday, October 1, 2000

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Sunday walk

I did wake up earlier today and went out for a walk before it got too hot. It was so nice to walk in the Sunday quiet. I took some pictures of one of the drainage ditches and walked along the bottom of the Rillito wash. It seems like each of the storm drains that come in are different. There are tiny oases down there right now as we've had enough rain but while they look green and nice from a distance, up close they're rather slimy and gross.

I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and was surprised it was so empty. I would think that Sunday morning would be a busy time but maybe I was up before most people. I read the paper there, which is one of the few places I read the paper. I keep meaning to read it but have too many other things to read and other things to do.

I spent the afternoon cooking and getting food ready for the week. Some taco mix and meatloaf. I cut up a couple melons to take to work and made a salad. I also have fruit to take. This is all in an effort to not eat junk food. It doesn't work all that well but I try.

I also did a couple loads of laundry. I had more but the laundry room was busy and I didn't feel like waiting around for more washing machines to open up. Sometimes it gets difficult to do laundry and it's not till you get down there that you know. I've tried checking it out before lugging my stuff down but even then someone can get in before I get back. It was so nice to just throw in a load while I was visiting my son. It would be nice to have my own washing machine and dryer but all the apartments with laundry hookups cost more and it's just not something I'm willing to spend money on.

I also read "Evan and Elle" by Rhys Bowen. This is a Constable Evan Evans series and is set in north Wales. A french restaurant is opened in town and is burnt down, along with other outsider's buildings. A radical nationalist group is suspected as a note is found by one fire saying that they didn't want outsiders. Between trying to make sense of evidence that doesn't fit and wondering if he's wasting his town as a small town constable, Evans manages to solve the mystery and become closer to his girlfriend, the town schoolteacher. I enjoy how the people in town try to incorporate modern life, including computers, while keeping their language and culture alive.

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