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Saturday, September 30, 2000

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Errands and reading

I'm still a little tired from traveling but it's good to get back into a routine. I didn't make it up as early as I thought and it was already hot by the time I got going. I cleaned the fridge out of perishables before I left and had to get them all again. My tiny freezer is stuffed and never seems to have any room but I even managed to get a couple things in there. It seems like getting ready to travel and then settling in again are more of a hassle than the travel. When you're traveling you just go with what's happening and do what you can without worrying about it.

I nearly ran down a kid on his scooter today. It was on a back street near where I live and I was riding my bike when a kid, maybe 7 or 8, darted out on his scooter. Even the little kids can ride these and they wander back and forth across the road. This is going to be much worse than skateboards.

I read "Dangerous Thing" by Bill Crider. Crider writes light, humorous mysteries with nice twists. This one is set in a small college town with an even smaller liberal arts college. The winds of political correctness blow in upsetting people and confusing the issue when a murder occurs. Carl Burns, a professor with a habit of solving crimes is more interested in getting to know the librarian, but in the interests of the college, and to keep the police chief, also interested in the librarian, away from the college, he tries to solve both the murder and the upsets that political correctness has caused.

I also put four books in the discard pile, three mysteries and one book of essays. I always discard more books than I read which is why I seem to like most of the books I read. There's an occasional book that I read all the way that I don't like but continue reading because I am so appalled or disbelieving or can't believe it's really that bad, but most of the books I write about I finished because I enjoy them. This is an advantage of getting books at the library. Even with an author I like there's an occasional book that I just can't get interested in. Sometimes I'll read the same book a few years later and enjoy it so it's not that the discards are bad book, though many are, but often they are just something that I can't enjoy or get interested in right now.

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