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Friday, September 29, 2000

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Looking forward to a restful weekend.

Strange things happening at work this morning and people acting strange. Most of what goes on with people at work goes right over my head so when people act strange and I'm told it's happened before I am totally amazed. I really do try to keep up with the gossip but I've never been very good with it and I seem to have ended up with my mother's British and/or wasp outlook that it wasn't nice to pry, so I'm not very good at asking what happened. Not that I have anything against gossip but I'm just not good at asking for it. Ok.

I left work a little after 11:00 and went backpack shopping. My best backpack has finally given out and I don't care for the other ones that much. Either they don't hold enough or they look like I'm going backpacking. The problem is that the good ones are too long. I finally found what I think is a decent one in the "student backpack" section, where I can find some that aren't bouncing on my butt. Usually the student packs have louse straps but this one seems to be fairly good and it was on sale. We shall see.

I stopped by the library and stocked up on books, went home and had some cheesecake,a hamburger and a beer, and read. This is the way to start a weekend. I hope to get out tomorrow and get some exercise in as I've been lazy since I've been home. I walked to work a couple times but that hardly makes up for two days on the bus and not enough sleep. I plan to sleep late tomorrow and then go for a bike ride. I hope it doesn't get hot too soon.

It was great walking to work this morning. There was a major rain last night, just as I was leaving work, and I had to run some errands so I got soaked, but it did make for a humid but cool morning. It felt good to walk briskly in the barely light morning. In fact it's a bit dark when I leave a little before 6:00 in the morning. Soon it'll be very dark but that means cooler weather coming. It's still very warm in the afternoon but the mornings are beginning to be great.

The book I've read so far today is "Further Lane" by James Brady. He is suppose to be a columnist with Parade and a one time New York magazine editor and does seem to know his society, wasp and movie industry characters. "Further Lane" is set in the Hamptons and Brady started by throwing around an amazing number of famous names in the first couple pages. I was worried that I would get very turned off but I enjoyed the book very much. The rich and famous were basically window dressing to set the stage but the pertinent characters in the book were very interesting.

The story is about the murder of a social climbing, mountain climbing (Everest, no less), abrasive bitch who is hateful to everyone, including her daughter. She is killed with a stake through her heart while coming in from a naked, middle of the night swim in the ocean, and there is no end of suspects. The mystery is solved by a journalist, home to Hamptons (he's old Hampton) after trouble in the middle east, and a young, beautiful, surprising British aristocrat who keeps trying to convince him that she really is working for the dead woman's publisher because she needs to work for a living. She also needs to find the dead woman's last manuscript, a tell all tale. A very enjoyable read for a lazy day.

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