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Tuesday, September 26, 2000

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Home again, home again

I put my things in line for the Tucson bus and then wander around trying to get a little exercise. I've been sitting so long my feet feel like they're swelling. I just haven't had time to get off the bus much today. We finally leave Los Angeles and little before one in the morning. I have a seat to myself and get a few hours of sleep before we hit Blythe. I just stay on the bus and try to stay asleep, with little success, until we reach Phoenix.

I am always so irritated when I'm heading east toward Tucson because the bus always stops for an hour in Phoenix for cleaning when I'm in a hurry to get home. I got a nice greasy breakfast while I'm waiting for for the bus. Finally we're loaded and off and it's so good to see Tucson. I take the city bus home and take a shower. Cat's glad to see me even though I told the cat sitter that she could give her some canned food each day. It's nice to be loved.

I went down to the postoffice to pick up my mail and got a few groceries and then just went home, put up my feet and enjoyed looking at my own place. There's no place like home. For a couple months. Till I get stir crazy and start planning on where to go next.

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