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Sunday, September 24, 2000

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Starting back to Tucson

I spent the day just taking it easy and spending my last day with Mike and Lauri. Mike and I went out to get groceries and I picked up some food to take with me. This running madly into the stops to pick up junk in ten or fifteen minutes gets old.

I really enjoyed visiting. Mike is one of the best things that ever happened to me, Lisa's the other, and Lauri is a dear. Lauri's family is such a different culture than mine is that I don't always know what to talk to her about but I like her.

At 5:50 pm I'm waiting at the Everett station for the Seattle bus. I said goodbye to Mike and Laurie and I'm heading home. Just a couple other people are waiting for the bus but more slowly gather. It's a nice clean, station, even the restroom. At 6:45 the bus finally gets there. Several people have to catch the Spokane bus in seattle at 7:15. The bus was still waiting for them and they all dashed to catch it. This is also the Chicago bus so there were quite a few people. We were late enough to see a beautiful sunset coming down I-5 into Seattle. One guy was taking videos of it out the window.

An elderly couple, who also got on at Everett, had been visiting relatives and were on their way back to Jonesboro AR via Chicago. A native american lady was heading back to the midwest with her granddaughter who also had children. Her son was there to say goodbye and they were talking about visiting their family and some of the problems with a few of the relatives.

There are two sections to Los Angeles and I'm on the local to Portland though I'll be asleep long before that, I hope. We stop at Tacoma and a few people get off and on and again at Olympia. I, unfortunately, am not asleep. We reach Portland at 11:55pm but we have over an hour before we leave as this is a cleaning stop. A little girl is running around in cute little corduroy overalls being just as cute as can be, helping put luggage in line, picking up trash, and just as cheerful and busy as can be. She can't be more than three or four. And I am not asleep yet.

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