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Saturday, September 23, 2000

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The Ferry to Kingston

We went down to Edmonds today to meet some of Lauri's relatives and spend some time with them. Her father's cousin and her husband have a home here after living on a boat for a couple years. That sounds so great but I know keeping a boat in shape is a lot of work. They live in a very hard to find neighborhood now. We got lost trying to find it but came back to where we started and got our bearings.

Lauri's aunt and her husband were there as they had just brought their son up to the University of Washington from San Diego. Her cousin didn't go but the rest of us went down to the Edmonds ferry terminal area where we left the car and went to get something to eat. We had to wait half an hour for the restaurant so we went up the street to see an gallery. I forget the guys name but he does these pictures that sort of glow in the dark or dim light. It's cool but even the prints cost several thousand dollars and the subject matter is really greeting cards stuff. Gingerbread houses, snow scenes, rainbows, etc. Very pretty but not something I'd pay even one hundred dollars for. My tastes just run a bit more weird than that. One of our companions bought one though and I gasped at the price.

The food was excellent and then we boarded the ferry. This was a huge ferry. Much larger than the one were were on in the San Juan Islands. This one had a nice sheltered area with comfy chairs on the top deck so you could look out without getting cold. I was still running around taking pictures, though. It didn't take long to Kingston and then we walked around and stopped for an ice cream cone. We stopped at a nice craft store and a very interesting antique store.

We had a couple hours after we got back and just talked and enjoyed each other. Well, the women talked. The men went into the basement to watch the olympics on a big screen television with surround sound. They are remodeling the basement completely. He's already done the first floor and she is getting a little tired of the noise. It's good that he can fix things so they are easier as she has fibromyglia which is very tiring as you are in constant pain.

For dinner we went into Seattle to Ivar's Salmon House. This is built like an authentic northwest longhouse and has these incredibly long canoes hanging from the roof. Both couple's sons joined us so we had a nice group to enjoy a very delicious meal. I had king salmon and it was delicious and then I had this custard for dessert that was heavenly. All this with a nice chardonnay and it was a great meal. Fish near where it's caught is so much better than the frozen stuff we get.

The restaurant is a historical site because it was built so authentically and Ivar was such a well known character. There are Ivars all over the area, including the one at the Mukilteo ferry that we ate at when I first arrived, but this is the biggest and the only one called a salmon house. There were tables you could eat at by the water but it was a little too cool already for us to eat there.

Afterwards we watched a few scenes from "The Matrix" on the big screen television and it was really cool. Mike has DVD and I hadn't realized you can go to a scene just like a CD can go to a track and they have additional scenes and all sorts of goodies. It's not just a tape anymore that you watch from beginning to end and then rewind. Now movies are no longer linear. This guy is a real techo person and is constantly fiddling with all his stuff, including his cars, which are only the best. I would love to have DVD and a big screen tv, but I would prefer, should I have that kind of money, to go to Europe, or something. I have no problem with people buying all this expensive stuff cause it really is fun, I can't imagine spending that kind of money on a tv when there are so many places I haven't been to. Mike's a bit of a techno also so maybe it's a guy thing. Women like this stuff, it's just not top of the list.

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