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Thursday, September 21, 2000

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Walking in Snohomish

Lauri and went on the volkswalk in Snohomish today. Mapquest gave us some strange directions so we just took I-5 north, then US-2 east to Snohomish. It was sprinkling on our way there but other than a little mist a couple times, we had no rain on the walk.

The start point is at Collectors Choice Restaurant which is in an area with several antique and collectible stores. The first part of the walk took us up through residential areas. There were several very nice victorian homes and a couple that had some great lacy filligree trim. We got lost at one point but had no problem finding where we were. Luckily we curved back toward the restaurant as Lauri had to get the phone out of the car as she's waiting for calls for an internship.

There was quite a bit of climbing during this part of the walk and we soon had our light jackets off. The second part of the walk took us along a walk/bike path called the Centennial Trail which went out into widely spaced suburban homes and then country. We saw a deer ahead of us on the trail and she didn't seem to be too afraid though she did move away and into the high grass as we got closer.

It ended at a little parking area with tables. From a map on a sign it looked like it's planned to go quite a ways. It's a nice trail through an inhabited area. On our way back we passed several kids using it to go home from school. We also realized that the trail had masses of blackberries on both sides. We ate a couple but with it this close to homes and roads I didn't want to eat many without washing them. They were so sweet. Once we noticed them they were everywhere.

We followed the directions back to the restaurant and were glad to sit down in the car. It was a hilly walk but not too difficult, I'm just not used to so many hills. We pulled into an old drive thru a block away to get something to eat. It was a tiny place and I think they must wait for you to order to start cooking as it took quite a while to get our food and then they had to redo one order that was wrong. It was good, though, and the onion rings were so yummy.

I enjoyed spending the time with Lauri and walking with her through a relaxed town. This would be a good place to live and commute but it looks like more and more people are moving in and soon the prices will be getting high.

Then it was back to Mukilteo to visit some more and watch the Olympics. Today I finished "Dear Miss Demeanor" by Joan Hess. This is a Claire Malloy mystery. She owns a mystery bookstore (which in itself indears her to me) and is raising a teenage daughter by herself. The daughter gets her into the latest mystery as she volunteers her mother to fill in for the journalism teacher who is on suspension for suspicion of misusing journalism funds. Hess involves her usual cast of rather eccentric characters as well as Detective Rosen, who is also Claire's boyfriend. This is a light, funny book, as most of Hess' are and very relaxing to read. Of course, I was reading it as my son and daughter-in-law were watching the olympics and tended to start laughing at some very poignant point in the games at which my son kept saying "It's not funny, Mom"

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