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Monday, September 11, 2000

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Arrogant coaches and getting ready

I am so irritated by Indiana fans who are so upset about Knight getting fired. Not only should he have been fired years ago but he should have been charged with criminal charges. He has committed numberable counts of assault and if he weren't a winning coach he'd be in prison right now. Those asshole fans are threating the guy that Knight threatened and that is so wrong.

I was amazed that he would throw such a tantrum because someone called him Knight instead of Mr Knight. Excuse me, you earn respect you don't get it because of your age or your title. How someone who's idea of settling things is to hit other people thinks he has the right to be respected is beyond me. No one is so important that they have the right to treat other people like that.

I keep jumping up to check something else that I need to take. I have a little list I check off when I'm going to travel but it's not set in stone since each trip is different so I'm always revising it. Since I'm staying with my kids I don't need to worry about stuff for the hostel, which is nice, but I'm not sure what all I'll need in the Seattle area. Weather is always a big worry. I always want to take everything and have to pare away at the last minute.

Between packing I'm also still working on getting the pictures of my trip last June up on the web. I seem to be going very slow on that. I took so many and it's been hard to scan just some of them and that's still a lot. I do get carried away and want to show people everything I saw but of course that's impossible.

At work we're moving around again. Well, I'm not moving but the empty cubicle in front of me will have a permanent resident again. We were cleaning it out today as any empty space accumulates so much junk. It's not all junk but it's amazing what gets held on to because no one wants to make the decision to get rid of it even though we don't need it anymore. We have hundreds of 3 1/2 inch disks from when we all had Windows 3.1 workgroup installed. No one wants the disks since they just don't hold enough to do much good anymore, but no one wants to get rid of them "just in case". We now install a many times more massive Windows program with one little old CD instead of a couple dozen disks.

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