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Thursday, September 7, 2000

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Vacuums and necessities

I've managed to break off a little plastic piece on my vacuum cleaner that holds a little filter on. I taped it in place so now I'll see how well it works. I don't mind plastic but I hate the tiny little plastic pieces that break off if you don't treat it oh so gently. A vacuum cleaner is for cleaning and cleaning is not a gentle pastime. I want something that is solid steel but it's hard to find filters for the old steel ones, plus the motors are pretty worn out. I expect I would be worn out too after dragging a lump of steel around.

I think I got more dirt on the carpet trying to fix it than I vacuumed up. Vacuums are so dusty when you try to work with them. Even if you wipe the dust off more seems to appear, as if by magic. I looked so dirty by the time I was done.

I paid my bills tonight as it's payday tomorrow. I've been trying to pay bills ahead since I need money for my trip and I've done pretty well. I could always use more money, but I only have two bills that I need to pay on this paycheck and the rest I can blow on travel. I'm making my lists of what I want to take. Half the fun of travel is deciding what you need. Even after as much travel as I've done I'm still woefully bad at taking the right things.

I always want to take everything since you never know . . . Because of this tendency I also always carry a backpack. Why you never know when I might need that compass or flashlight. I might need to traverse the wilds of a five story building. Yes indeed. And that piece of plastic is very useful should I need a dry place to sit, which is actually quite common when you walk or ride the bus. I use it quite often.

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