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Wednesday, September 6, 2000

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Voting and staff meetings

It was a lovely walk to work today but it hit 100 degrees before the day was over. It's always a shock to go into work when it's cool and come out when it's hot. Even though I know it's going to happen it's always a shock. The coolness we've had the last week has been so nice that it's hard to know that we're back in the high 90s and even 100s.

We had a typical A/P staff meeting today. Since we're all women now we do tend to end up discussing some rather off color things. Technically it was about the scanning we're getting into but we ended up with the important things such as Halloween. Halloween is the important holiday at work.

I really hate to say it but I may need to vote democrat this year. About the only thing that Bush has going for him is that he's prolife and I don't even think he's thought that out, just figures it fits the right image. I think the environment is the deciding issue though. It would be fun to vote for Nader but he doesn't have a chance. Something has to be done about the environment but liberals worry me as they tend to get a little busy taking care of us.

Conservatives don't take care of us they just tell us what to do. At least if someone tells you what to do you can say no. It's much harder to say no to people who are trying to be nice to you, besides, who's going to decide what's nice? Do gooders just make me nervous, as necessary as they are at times.

I need to wash dishes before I go to bed. I keep putting it off because it's such a boring activity and it makes my back hurt. I wish I had a dish washer.

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