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Monday, September 4, 2000, Labor Day

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Talking to Dad

I went for another ride this morning at six and rode for about an hour and a half. It's such a release to be able to just ride without it being too hot. I can feel the rides yesterday and today in my legs a little, but I don't get the headaches that I get while doing heavy exercise in hot weather. Hopefully, the worst of the heat is over. We always get some in September and an occasional day or two even in October, but the weather gets so nice from now on. We're entering the season that helps us realize why Tucson is a great place to live.

My father came down today to visit. We did a little shopping and went out to eat. It was so hard to talk to him. I know that this could be the last time I see him before he moves but I just couldn't think of anything to say. I never can. I don't talk of a lot of things I'm interested in because I don't want to upset him, but so much of what he talks about, his bible translation work, etc., I don't have much to say about but 'That's nice'. I couldn't bear to say something that would hurt him. I've always felt estranged from him, from both my parents, but more from my father. It's not so bad when there are other people around and we are all talking but one on one I feel like I'm talking with a stranger. I love him so much but I can't connect with him.

I'm trying to figure out what to take to Seattle when I visit my son. All my clothes are cotton, which isn't real good in cold, wet weather. I went to the mall after Dad left and did some major looking. I did end up with a few casual slacks on sale but, they're cotton too. I really have nothing against polyester but all the polyester pants look like they're for someone older than me. While I have no fashion sense I still feel like I am 19 years old and should dress like that. I just can't feel comfortable buying a pink polyester pant and top set. I don't want to be that old! I refuse! So there!

I finished "No Badge, No Gun" by Harold Adams. This is another in his series set in the Dakotas during the depression. Carl Wilcox, the sign painter and detective, meets his wife Hazel in this book. In another book in the series that I've read, he was already married. They make a nice team as they solve the rape and murder of a young girl in a small town. The suspects include Hazel's estranged first husband which added to the suspense as I knew Hazel and Carl got married and I wanted to see what happened to her first husband.

Carl is an anti-hero in many ways as he's been in prison and now wanders around painting signs and solving an occasional murder but he's also sympathetic to the underdog and at home wherever he is. Once again details of every day life in the early part of the 20th century are well drawn and the mystery is nicely solved with a good twist.

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