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Saturday, September 2, 2000

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Biking again!

Another great day in the 90s, though warmer than yesterday. Yeah! I rode my bike around town to my errands and shopping and realized how much I missed being able to ride my bike instead of just taking the bus. With a bike I can take back streets and have much more flexibility. The bus is great but on the weekends the schedule is a little slow - - a lot slow. It gets worse on Sunday. Besides, it's just fun to ride a bike on a good day and enjoy the weather and the scenery.

I went downtown, made a quick stop at the food coop on 4th Avenue and then out Speedway to Wild Oats. I really know better than to go to Wild Oats. I usually go there to pick up one things that I can't get elsewhere and end up with more than $50.00 worth of stuff. Today was no exception, I just got sucked in. All their stuff is so good and so expensive. Since I'm always trying to be more vegetarian I love their food and most of their produce is organic, but the prices make me gulp, nevertheless I still end up buying too much.

I threw a few things out that I've been thinking I would get fixed, like a fan with a broken blade and an old printer. Hardly any household appliance is worth fixing anymore but it hurts to throw it out since I feel like it's such a waste. I need to get rid of my old computer also since no one wants them. I need to wipe it out before I do anything and I hate the idea that no one would want it, even though the peripherals don't work anymore and it's so slow that no one could use it with the new programs anyway, assuming it didn't keep crashing on them like it did on me.

I've thrown too many things out that I wanted a few months, if not days, later but broken appliances aren't one of them. I wish there were more things that I don't use that I could get rid of but hope springs eternal . . that I'll lose weight, that I'll actually start learning a foreign language, that I would want to study whatever I have a book on, that I'm really going to sew something (that's a good one!).

The more I watch the campaign, the more I want to vote for Nader. He reminds me of an accountant with a stomach ache but he keeps saying things I agree with. I know he'll never get elected but wouldn't it be great if enough people just said that we need to do something about the environment and we need to do something that will give the ordinary citizen more power.

I especially liked it when he said he didn't approve of euthanasia because people were in pain because they weren't allowed to have enough pain killers. I heartily agree. What's the problem? Are we afraid they might get addicted? Actually studies have shown that opiates taken because they are needed to kill the pain don't addict. It's when people keep taking them just to feel better that they become addicted.

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