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Friday, September 1, 2000

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Riding the buses

I rode my bike and could really feel it working my legs. If I don't ride my bike at least twice a week I can tell that my bike muscles are out of condition. It was a nice ride and just this side of chilly. How wonderful! It was 66 this morning and only got up to 91. That's downright nice weather on the summer side of Labor Day in Tucson. After riding home at eleven, I took the bus to run around town and enjoyed it.

The buses were all full, though, and were running late. It must have been the holiday traffic hitting. The downtown transit center was jammed. Kids were out of school, people were moving around town and the drivers were a little uptight. I always enjoy riding the bus on Friday afternoon when I'm off work. Everything is always busier during the week and people watching in great.

On one bus a guy in a wheelchair needed to get on. The lift was at the rear door and the driver had to get off and walk to the rear door since it was so crowded inside. We all scrunched a little closer together and the wheelchair got on. People are always good about giving up their seat to wheelchairs and waiting while they are loaded. The driver's are also getting much better at loading them. It seems like we have more wheelchairs on our buses than I seem to see on buses in other cities. That's not really a scientific poll, of course.

Some drivers get very uptight when they are running late and screech to a stop and are curt with the passengers, while others just go with the flow and seem to make just as good time, if not more. The uptight ones are a little scary as they get very nudgy at lights and keep creeping up and hitting the brake. Since the fronts are flat it seems to the passengers like they're going to run right over the car.

There was a wreck at Wilmot and Broadway while I was walking up to it. This is a very busy and very bad intersection. I find it scary to walk across since it's so wide, Broadway even has two turning lanes, and the drivers are always in a hurry. Someone said one lady was hurt but my bus came just as the ambulance pulled up. Another holiday weekend has started out bad.

I just called my son to see how he was as he had a hernia operation today. That's an outpatient procedure now and he's already home, but being a mother I worry. He said he had three little holes. I have six inch scar from my appendectomy forty years ago. Sometimes it still itches. How far we've come!

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