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Thursday, August 31, 2000

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Dark Cloud's Adventure

I had to leave work at 3:00 to go home, get DC, catch two buses and take my cat to the vet. Things were backed up and it wasn't till 6:30 that we got out and we just missed a bus. I had to wait half an hour for the next one and then transfer so it wasn't till 7:30 that I got home. What a trip and poor Dark Cloud was so good. It was interesting to see what a conversation piece a cat is on the bus.

It's been several years since she had her shots and she's about thirteen years old now so I figured she needed to get them and get checked up. She's in good shape except for her teeth. I never really noticed and feel so bad. She needs a couple removed and the rest cleaned. The vet said one had already come out. She never fusses about it and I feel so guilty. Now it'll take about $500.00 for all the work, but she's worth it. Most of that is for the blood tests and the anesthesia.

I was tired and upset by the time we got out but I watched the sunset and just relaxed. I watched the clouds to the west turn creme colored with gold edges as we sat waiting for the bus home. It would have made a lovely background for a wedding. Dusk is one of my favorite times, even more than dawn. Soon there were draperies of pink against the blue mountains and then bright red. We have such great sunsets here.

I also found a cat sitter, so I'm happy. The vet tech does pet sitting so that'll work out well. I feel more comfortable with that than with someone I found in the yellow pages, especially since most of the listings have disconnected phone numbers.

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