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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

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Pink skies and students

The sky is blue with pink clouds. The mountains to the east are dark blue, sharp against an eggshell blue sky that slowly turns to gold. The mountains to the west are a dusty blue turning purple against an eggshell pink sky. To the south the pink clouds are banked heavily and looking ready to release pink rain. The air is cool and lovely. By the time I got to work the sky is blue, theclouds are fluffy and white and the Santa Rita's to the south look like they have snow because of the clouds massed around their peaks.

The corners are crowded with campaign signs like a thicket of nothing. They don't tell you anything and are a real eyesore. Most of them have just the name and what they are running for. There are no real reasons why you should vote for them. I passed Odie's Automotive repair and wonder if Garfield keeps the books.

I was crossing a Glenn and the walk signal was blinking and I was hurrying when the white walk signal comes on. How nice. I've noticed that more signals are showing the walk signal even if you didn't get there to push the button. If pedestrians are crossing on a green light they have the right of way whether they have the walk signal or not, but too many motorists don't know this.

I can tell winter is coming on because the sun is starting to hit the corner of my eye as I walk south. The feed store has a sign about do it yourself animal vaccines. I'm sure this is for large farm animals but I shudder at the idea of giving DC her shots. I would be a mass of scratches.

I had my employee evaluation today and did extremely well. I like what I do but it's nice to be appreciated. We're going to start scanning invoices and may actually be getting closer to that nirvana of a PAPERLESS OFFICE. We've been told this for the last fifteen to twenty years so I'm not holding my breath. It's possible but it takes someone with lots of power and the ability to say "do it".

The bus home is filling up. Once school starts we get not only college students but highschool students as Tucson does not run school buses for highschool if they can catch a city bus. The evening bus doesn't have many highschoolers but the morning bus has a bunch. Mike and Lisa used to ride the bus to school and survived nicely. It's a bit crowded when the bus hits a school that's just let out though. Going by the U of A isn't as bad as college courses aren't on such a strict schedule.

Everyone at work is complaining about the parking but on the way down in the elevator one lady was saying that it's just till October. She said the first month the students actually come to class but after that the number of parking places they use drops dramatically.

I'm starting to change addresses to my post office box and it's a pain. At least many places let you do it on the internet or by email. I always hated those crummy little change of address cards. It's rather amazing how many addresses I need to change. I don't think I belong to that many organizations, or pay that many bills or have that many magazine subscriptions, but it seems to take forever. This is one reason I want to have my home address out of public display. I know people can still get my address but at least this way it's a little harder.

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