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Monday, August 28, 2000

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Knees and a po box

I'm sitting here with the door open. It was cooler when I left work than when I got there. We got a good rain last night and it stayed cloudy today. Everyone is loving it. Where but in the desert do people greet each other with "Aren't the clouds wonderful?".

Last night I was trying to get a fold up grocery cart from behind my bicycle without making the bike fall over. Instead I fell over with the bike on top and landed hard on my knee. It doesn't really hurt except when I go up and down stairs when I get a pain. I think it's a bruised muscle since I hit so hard. So much for trying to do things the 'easy' way. Isn't it always when you're trying to save a little time that you screw up.

I've been busy at work since one of our team left for another job. I seemed to spend all day solving problems and wasting time because I had several of those once or twice in a year problems that I always forget what I did to solve it last time. I remember I did something but I can't remember what but I know I wrote it down someplace if I could only remember where. I have such a varied job that I've got notes all over the place. Email, spreadsheets, notepads, etc.

I finally got a post office box. There's a post office right by work and I've been wanting to get a box just to have all my bills and such sent to so when I'm on vacation I don't have to worry about putting a hold on my mail. There are also times when I really don't want to give out my home address. I don't really have a lot of mail (except junk mail) since I keep in touch with most people by email. If they don't have email I just forget to write them. Even with email I tend to forget to drop a note. I have these great thoughts and think 'Oh, I should email so and so about that.' but I don't do it right away and then it's gone. Another key to keep track of.

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